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[News] Wonder Girls Drop Out of High School 090615

So-hee and Sun-mi, two teenage members of Wonder Girls, have dropped out of high school to focus on their careers in America. The girls’ representative at JYP Entertainment admitted that the two girls voluntarily left school a while ago. They were both born in 1992.

According to their agency, So-hee and Sun-mi thought long and hard about dropping out of school with their families before making their final decision. They could have stayed in school if they were working only in Korea, but their overseas career necessitated a long absence from school, compelling them to stop their studies.

Meanwhile, Wonder Girls plans to release a single album for the first time in the United States on June 27th. The songs in the album are the English versions of their biggest hits, “Nobody” and “Tell Me.” The girls will also open the concerts for American pop idol Jonas Brothers from June 27 through mid-August. The first regular album of Wonder Girls in America will roll out sometimes in ! September or October of this year.

[Source: KBS World]
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[News] JYP “Sunmi, Sohee dropped out of school to concentrate on US activities…Yeeun, Sunye applies for absences” 090614

Five member female group Wonder Girls has ceased studies and gone to USA.

On the 14th, it was reported in the media that the youngest members Sohee attending Seoul Changmun High School and Sunmi attending Cheongdam High School might drop their studies.

University attending members Sunye and Yeeun at Dongguk University and Kyunghee University have signed up for absences.

A JYP Entertainment representative for Wonder Girls explained the circumstances for stopping studies, “recently Sohee and Sunmi have dropped out of high school because they will be in US and cannot successfully perform in school.”

Yeeun will take a temporary leave of absence from the very difficult Kyunghee Post Modern Music Department while this year Sunye will take leave from Dongguk Theatre program.

In October last year the Hollywood agency CAA reached an agreement and admitted Wonder Girls as a client. Management made a contract with famous idol group Jonas Brothers to open for their North American tour from June 27 to August 29.

Earlier this month filming for a new music video for the US version of Nobody was finished and on the 27th the digital single is expected to be released. US idol band Jonas brothers North American tour will open.

[Source: ibtimes]
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[News] Sunmi, Sohee break off high school for usa activities 090614

On the 14th a spokeperson said that Sohee and Sunmi, members of the 5 member girl group Wonder Girls are thinking about leaving high school for their usa activities.

Wonder Girls’s JYP spokesperson revealed in a phone call with Money Today Star News in the afternoon that day that Sohee and Sunmi are thinking about breaking off high school to concentrate 100% on their usa activities. He also added that at the moment they are talking with their parents about this matter.

1992ers Sohee and Sunmi are currently attending Seoul Changmun High School and CheongDam High school respectively.

On the other hand, Wonder Girls have finished the shooting of their new “Nobody” USA debut MV in Korea recently. The Wonder Girls who have signed a contract with Hollywood’s top agency CAA in October last year have also signed a contract with the agency of the famous usa idol group, Jonas Brothers recently.

Wonder Girls will have 13 concerts in 7 cities in the USA with the Jonas Brothers from the 27th till August 22th. On the 27th they will also release their digital single, USA version of Nobody.

[Source: StarNews]
[Translation: Luxtoraa@sunmijjang.com]