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[stream] Wonder Girls Mnet Bling Bling Star, 090428

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[News] Documentary – “Welcome to Wonderland”, Reveal of their attractive bare faces

Production of Wonder Girls’ documentary, “Welcome to Wonderland” is drawing the attention of fans. Mnet cable music channel will reveal the journey of Wonder Girls’ February concert in Thailand, including the performance in LA, the one day concert in Busan and also the 28th Seoul Concert with a documentary titled “Welcome to Wonderland”. The meetings, dance choreographies and production etc. for the upcoming overseas performances in which JYP and the Wonder Girls will be participating in, will be shown in this documentary. It is a plan to reveal through the camera the whole process from the preparation of the concerts, to everything on the stage. “Welcome to Wonderland” is a big revealing plan made in the form of combining reality and documentary to show the little things in the daily lives of the members, their faces without make-up and their natural and even more attractive life outside of the stage. PD Shin Chun Ji of “Welcome to Wonderland” said: “Compared to the shine they have on stage, this is an opportunity to find out how many times more attractive the girls actually are”. “I hope to witness directly through my eyes the reason why Wonder Girls came to be the best girl group.” he expressed his thoughts. The first broadcast of “Welcome to Wonderland” will be on 6th of March at 6pm. Article credit to Wonderholic Translated by dabao@spectacle Source: http://wonderholic.cafe24.com/bbs/zboard.p…4b7e279fc10e536 [credit: sunmijjang.wordpress.com + kimyoobin.wordpress.com+ parkyeeun.wordpress.com]

Updated: [HQ Caps+Gifs] Ye Eun On Wonder Bakery ep7

wuahaha,ye eun’s caps are out >.<Sorry for posting up late,just now  i encounter some problems on wordpress .

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