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[Photos] Wonder Girls Sponsor clothes, 090610

MinAhn extras 😀

[credit: gyalmo@soompi.com]


[vid] Wonder Girls’ 2Ye, Best 10 Couples

[NEWS] Wonder Girls To Heat Up Event For China’s CCTV

On the 11th of June , 3PM , Wonder Girls will appear as guests for a CCTV event . They will take part in the first phase of recording and will bring the house down with four of their hit songs from their new album , performing it live for the very first time .

Special point to note is that, Wonder Girls will be performing “Nobody” mandarin version together with their usual “korean style” dance step. & it is the girls’ first time singing live in mandarin.

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Also on the 11th of June , 10:30AM , producer JYP will bring along Wonder Girls as guests for CCTV.com’s “Idols on the Line” (?). Please leave behind questions that you might want to ask, and you might win tickets to CCTV’s programme recording on the 11th (applies to China residents only).

{Source: CCTV.com}
{Translations: onederbang ♥ @ kjpopbands.blogspot.com & kimyoobin.wordpress.com}

[Fanmade] YeEun drawing

[Photos] New YeEun selcas with friends, 090602

Seeing Wonder Girls are now back in Korea. Don’t you think it’s the best for them to hang out with friends ^^

[credit: Kimjaewon@soompi]

[Info] Wonder Girls look-a-like shirt at Forever 21, 090525

Have you always wanted a shirt with the Wonder Girls on it but didn’t want to have to pay $30 + I’m sure to order it off the internet? Then take yourself down to your local Forever 21 and pick one up!

Even though the shirt looks exactly like very strongly resembles the Wonder Girls…it’s not listed with all the other licensed shirts as such. Instead, the shirt is titled “Window Shopping Tank” in the products info, with no mention of the Girls at all… but I’ll let you be the judge. And plus, I’m sure we all can recognize the notorious “Nobody” outfit that Ye Eun is wearing on the left with So Hee on the right, donning the same exact shirt she’s worn in real life.

Wonder Girls or extreme, ridiculous, unearthly coincidence?

[Source : AllKpop.com ]

[Blog] Twitter Update from YeEun, 090518

we went to Korean town !! yeah ~~ we ate Soon-tofu ! it was little hot for them, but they really enjoyed it ^^* i was sooooooo proud of our food ! they tried to use chopstics, but it wasn’t that easy. and next time we ‘ll go to swiss restaurant, cause they both are from switzerland ^ ^ haha C U ~ 🙂

[source: Ye eUn’s pikchur]