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[Downloads+HQ Pics] 24.10.08 Ye Eun – Baby I Love You MusicBank (Exclusive)

Till Now I am Still listening to ‘baby i love you’ is such as lively song.

And i’m sharing all these HQ pics now because ye eun-holic was not set up yet at that time so din’t manage to post anything regarding ye eun’s baby i love you performance HQ pictures. Today I will be posting The one on musicbank 24.10.08.

Note : The HQ pics here actually are huge in size, i suggest you save it to your desktop for clearer view. And it’s definately worth keeping it if you’re ye eun ultimate fan.


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[Caps] Ye Eun & Wonder Girls On wonder bakery ep.6

woo, caps are here!

this episode is hilarious but also interesting, but it’s sad to see sunmi’s partner being eliminated.

Here Are The Caps!


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[Gifs] Cartoon Ye Eun & Wonder Girls.

Found some gifs of ye eun & wonder girls in cartoon form! i love it, it’s so cute. ugh,

 Don’t worry, i will continue to hunt for the gifs and share with all the readers of ye eun-holic!  previously i have a few but my desktop crash, that’s why i lost all the Gifs T.T

YE Eun!1040244eed53cbd2d1c86acb


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[Pics] 1 Ye Eun Ivy Club CF HQ PICS (yawn) & Ye Eun On Xmas Interview

2nd time posting ye eun on xmax interview pics but this time round it is HQ, i have just completed it! since xmas is coming so i think posting this will rather be good 🙂 don’t you find the snowman cute?

Note: I suggest if you really like those pics below, you save it to your desktop to view the full size because the size of every picture here is big 🙂 i’m not really sure why wordpress compress those pic below untill so small :/

Ivy Club Cf Pic (ye eun yawning) i find it so cute 😀


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