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Updated:Ye Eun’s Site Banner From Official Peripera Website (screencaps)+ WG’s Peripera Interview Gifs

 1st day of December 2008, Peripera has updated their site with lots of pictures, including videos of the Wonder Girls who had participated in creating their own cosmetic line, Peripera Wonder Line.

i screencap from the site some ye eun’s peripera’s banner, the website is fill with wonder girls pictures! it’s so nice, go take a look if you want, link: http://www.peripera.co.kr/wondergirls/wondergirls.asp





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Ye Eun Peripera Interview Screencaps Pics (15)+Ye Eun Peripera CF Offical Pictures+Wonder Girls Peripera Interview

Wonder Girls Peripera Line Interview, they just look GORGEOUS. 

During the interview it was reveled that ye eun looks the prettiest without make-ups! i absolutely agree! 🙂

Some screencaps of ye eun during interview! i’m sorry if the screencaps are not HQ.




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#2 Fanmade Video Of Ye Eun Featured In Ye Eun-Holic.

This Video Is the latest fan-made video of ye eun that i can find so far :]

I have also seek the permission of this video owner to let us post this video on our site.
I love this video because the owner of this video puts all the memorable parts of performance since ye eun’s debut. This video also include MKMF performance by wonder girls. In 07:34, i find her so cute!

this video will be featured in this site for 2 days.

Video Name: Park Ye Eun ( Wonder Girls ) – You Are So Wonderful!
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Updated:Wonder Girls Christmas Peripera Pictures!

recently saw another wonder girls peripera christmas CF picture, thought it was nice so decided make another post for this 🙂

this is the new picture i found.d409eff26a98680fb07ec5951



this picture is the same as the picture in the middle, but this pic does show the peripera products.

credits: kholic@parkyeeun.wordpress.com

Ye Eun Peripera Wonder Line Produtcs CF (Behind the scenes Pics)


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